RV Drapes (windshield curtains) are easy to replace.

When your motorhome curtains at the RV cockpit are in poor condition, you lose not only your rv privacy, but also a lot of energy: cooling or heating.

Two great options are available at RvSupplyWarehouse.com:

1) Economical 'Ready-Made' Windshield Drapes

can be ordered for delivery right to you and your motorhome. Two color choices and 4 'fits-almost-all' sizes will get you going quickly.

Ready Made Windshield Drapes, Beige

Ready-Mades come complete with snaps and drapery hooks. They will work with any hook carrier--examples:hook carrierst

or any snap carrier--examples:alt text

They will not work with glide carriers--example:alt text

2) Custom Windshield Drapes

are fully lined, with 6 color choices, made to your exact measurements. RV Designer Collection, the manufacturer, can also accommodate special needs of a third panel or oversize tiebacks. And, they are made in the USA (California).

Custom Windshield Drapes at RvSupplyWarehouse.com

RV Designer Collection custom colors

RvSupplyWarehouse.com provides a complete form for entering all your custom drapes information and securely placing your order. Click here to visit and see all your options.

3) Custom by YOU RV Drapes

If you can sew straight hems, this one is for you. You'll need a sewing machine and a source for fabric and supplies. If you don't have a fabric store nearby, you can order online at RvSupplyWarehouse.com for any tracks, carriers, or snap tape, etc. Follow their link to Fabric.com for lightweight, black-out fabrics (great prices and service).

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